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Solar Panels

The Problem

Synchronizing supply of electrical power with its demand is a well-known challenge. To address the additional costs associated with balancing the electrical grid, utility companies apply demand charges, based on the peak draw that a facility experiences over a billing cycle. With the expansion of renewable energy, the fluctuations between supply and demand are rising, increasing these charges and amplifying the financial burden on electricity users

Power Plant

The Current Solutions

This issue is traditionally solved by burning fossil fuels in peaker plants: they generate electricity necessary to balance the load on the grid, as well as a whopping 18% of the CO2 emissions. 


Another solution is to store energy from when it's created to when it's needed. However, large scale battery storage would take over $4.8 trillion before it reaches the capacity that the grid requires.




Our goal is to distribute this investment between hundreds of thousands of businesses by implementing on-site battery packs. We are focusing on customers with the highest demand spikes, such as small to mid-sized industrial facilities with fluctuating draw due to the start-up of machinery. Our battery packs can reduce the electric bill by as much as 50%, all while providing surge and dropout protection as well as cutting their demand-related CO2 output in half.

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